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    Converting Trap data to visual indicators on a Network Map


      We have an interesting task:  we need to add about a hundred items to our Network Map (preferably organized into 3 groups), and these items are not pollable.  All we have to work with are traps.  (The nodes are not pollable for largely non-technical reasons... they span several governmental entities.) 


      Is anyone aware of, or in possesion of, prior work of this type?  We own NPM and SAM (also IPAM, UDT, WPM, NTA, VNQM, and IVIM, FWIW).  I've thought of using a Trap rule to write to a log file, then have a "File Change" SAM monitor alert that the log file changed, and indicate this on the network map, but the problem is in re-setting the monitor.  The staff monitoring it will not have admin access to SAM (required to re-calculate the file hash and thus reset the SAM monitor).  A simpler way would be to link the Trap to an External Node (correlated by IP address), but I don't know if this can be done.


      Ideas welcome