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    Monitor Domains on NTA

    Tainã Rodrigues

      How I set a domain to be monitored by NTA?


      For example, on the image below, youtube.com is being monitored. How I configure a specific domains to be monitored by NTA??


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          The way I was able to do it is edit the host name of the IP address of the endpoint


          So to do this you would need all the IP address for facebook.


          11-7-2013 8-43-55 AM.png

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              Tainã Rodrigues

              Hello dear, thanks for your reply


              Explaining better,


              How I need to do to show the hostname/ip in "Top XX Endpoints", need to add the ip of facebook (for example), so it appears in this list? Or if I enter in facebook using that interface/node, the facebook will appear automatic?

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                  I don't know how to do besides this:


                  1. Wait for the facebook IP to show up in the list (my youtube example showed up under transmitters not receivers)
                  2. then you can click it and it brings you to the endpoint details
                  3. here is where you can manually enter the name of the domain




                  Whenever I try the lookup button is says it cant be resolved, and when it can resolve it its usually some weird name, so I just enter it manually. The problem is with big sites like face book and YouTube you will need to label all of their IP addresses in order for them to show up as "domain name" in your top xx list. Facebook may be different, I'm not sure how many IPs they have.


                  Does that make sense?


                  If it worked perfectly we could just turn on the persistent DNS lookup and it would resolve for us, unfortunately like I said above they cant be auto resolved.

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                Hi There,

                This is an interesting question due to the way a lot of content is been served at the moment. The suggestions above may work for services like Facebook but you will need to make sure you keep the IP blocks updated. Another thing you may observe is lots of data associated with IP address registered to CDN services like Akamai. CDN services are more difficult to monitor as they host data for many services.


                We develop a software application called LANGuardian which does deep packet inspection and amoungst other things it captures HTTP queries and DNS traffic from network packets. This allows you to capture domain names even if they go via proxy servers. A while back a number of our customer who use SolarWinds applications asked us if we could integrate both products and you can see what it looks like in the video below