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    Strange labels in Universal Device Poller Summary Charts


      Hi forum,


      I often use UnDP to poll state of devices. Some OIDs give me more than one value. For example, I poll the cfwConnectionStatValue (OID, it gives me two value: the number of in use connection, and the most used connection. I cannot customize differently the name of two values. They just have the same customized name plus some strange numbers followed. It 's not the big problem to me, however it is not nice the chart. Please see my screenshot to catch my idea.

      Many other charts also get into this. My NPM version is 10.5.


      Thanks to any ideas about this problem.


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          If you would like custom label you can open Universal Device Poller application from the Start menu.

          - Then right click the cfwConnectionStatValue poller and select Label.

          - Select "Use a custom label" and type some name.


          If you type Test, it will be named like Test1, Test2.

          - It is not possible to name each item separatelly.



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            This is an old thread but the general issue has been driving me crazy for a couple of days so I thought I'd post my solution.


            Background on what I was doing is that I'm trying to monitor the load on an APC PDU which has a less than friendly MIB.


            I got it set up to pull what I was looking for but I didn't like how the labels come out. As far as I can tell, there is no table in the MIB to give me the labels so I've simply set it to a custom value of "Bank" which ends up as Bank.1, Bank.2, etc.

            The problem is small but irritating.  The value for Bank #1 is really the total draw which then throws the indexing off as Bank.2 is really Bank #1 as shown below (I turned off the display of Bank 1 aka Total)

            Here was the original result:


            The way I finally solved this was to poll for individual table rows as a GET (not GET TABLE), because the rows are fixed in number and position. 

              For example:

            • OID of Table:
            • OID of individual row:  <-- NOTICE THE .1 on the end. In my case, this indexes into the total draw for the PDU.

            So I made three UnDP's, one for each row, and named them what I wanted which gave me the label I wanted.  Here's an example of the three individual charts and the aggregated Custom UnDP multi-series chart that I ended up with

            Hopefully that helps someone else avoid a day of frustration...