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    how can i measure the data-volume that a template produces?




      the "AppInsight for Microsoft SQL" is a good template and i like to use it entirely. But it measures many counters and so maybe produces a lot of network traffic and needs a lot of space in the Solarwinds Database.


      So my manager said to not use all of the counters that are measured in this template and to switch off some of them.

      Ok, but i wanna know how many storage occupys this template for every single SQL-server, if i hold the data for per example for one year in the Solarwinds database.


      In practice i like to have for example a stored procedure like:

      exec gimme_the_storage_size_of_a_template @templatename='<name of the template>', @servername='<servername', @instancename='<instance>,@lastperiodFrom='01.01.2013"


      This stored procedure i run on the server where all Solarwinds - Databases are stored and become the result, that for example the template ""AppInsight for Microsoft SQL" for the server "Server1", Instance "MsSQLServer" from the begin of "01.01.2013" has sotred 50 Mbyte of Data in the Solarwinds Database...


      It don't must be a stored procedure,like in this example, i wanna only know how many storage a template consumes for an Server.


      And the best thing would be, if i unterstand, how much every counter of a template consumes in the Solarwinds Database...


      Kind Regards