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    What paging or SMS gateway product/service do you use?

    nicole pauls

      Hey everyone,


      We're researching our implementation and testing of supporting third-party SMS and paging gateways for use with Alert Central (related feature:Support for paging/SMS directly (bypassing email) . The goal is that you would be able to send alerts (and responses) through your paging or SMS gateway (internal or hosted) to/from Alert Central just like e-mail today. This provides a bypass to email, will work better for international customers who can't use email-to-SMS with their carriers, and will help companies using SMS/paging as a critical part of their response plan today.


      If this sounds great and you already use an SMS or paging gateway, what product or service are you using?  Is it hosted or in-house?


      If you don't already use an SMS or paging gateway but have considered one, what products made your short list?


      All insight appreciated, we want to be sure we support the products/services that you all use.