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    OID return value = alert


      I'm missing something in my syntax for Advanced Alert Manager and was hoping I could get a boost.


      I have a custom poller hitting my VPN routers for OID, this poller returns a 0 if the IKE tunnel is down and a 1 if the IKE tunnel is up. This custom table poller displays these values in NPM as a True/False under the node's details.


      Now that this is working, I need to set up a custom alert for when NPM polls the node and a False value is returned. My statement is returning a True on nodes that have a downed IKE tunnel, can someone give me guidance as to how i'm approaching this wrong?


      Trigger Condition:

           Trigger alert when all of the following are true:

                system name is equal to XYZrt1.domain.com

                Trigger alert when all of the following apply

                     OID is equal to

                     Value is equal to False


      Thanks for your assistance.