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    WMI With ESX/Virtualcenter


      Hello all I'm hoping someone can help me because the Admin guide seems to be vague on this.  If I'm doing ESX/Virtualcenter integration with Virtualization Manager will the WMI still work to pull additional info off the vm guests?  Reason I ask is I have all my login's setup for the domain but I'm not able to pull any queries for things that are related to WMI.


      Can anyone shed some light on this and how I can verify if its working right or if its even possible for VMware, everything I see in the guide points to Hyper-V.



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          Can you clarify - are you turning on the WMI in Orion?  A screenshot would be helpful.

          To get the full benefit of the integration, you need to monitor the VMware or Hyper-V environment from both Orion and VMan.  For VMware environments, this will show you the structure (VC, DC, Cluster, Host, VM) and some of the VMan data, but you would also need to turn on monitoring the ESX hosts (VMware API) and the VM guests you were interested in.  If you have Windows guests, the WMI should collect Windows data and display it in the node, along with the extra data from VMan.

          Are you seeing any errors in the GUI that say something like "You need to turn this on in Orion or VMan"?

          See more info on the integration here (including configuration):

          Dreams Do Come True: Virtualization Manager 6.0 with Integration with SAM and NPM