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    Scheduled Report stop working after new web certificat imported.

    Petr Pribyl


      An old certificate expired at my orion web server. I created a request at IIS, than create new cert, import it.

      New cert works fine except scheduled reports. I'm still getting: "Unable to convert the Web Page to PDF"



      1.11.2013 15:59:04 Started Job-30990.OrionJob




      2013-11-01 15:59:04,816 [1] INFO  ExportToPdfCmd.HTMLExporter - Settings File contents:

      2013-11-01 15:59:04,862 [1] INFO  ExportToPdfCmd.HTMLExporter - Begin parsing input data from file C:\Users\SVCSOL~1.ORI\AppData\Local\Temp\radF8296.tmp.enc

      2013-11-01 15:59:04,862 [1] INFO  ExportToPdfCmd.HTMLExporter - URL=https://xxxxxx.xxx.xxx.xxx/Orion/Report.aspx?Report=Volumes%20by%20%25usage%20over%2080%25&ReturnTo=aHR0cHM6Ly9zb2xhcmlzL09yaW9uL1JlcG9ydHMvVmlld1JlcG9ydHMuYXNweA==&InlineRendering=TRUE&MinPageWidth=1024&Printable=TRUE&AccountID=svc%2Esolaris%2Eorion%40cz%2Eavg%2Ecom&Password=4DkHQrCS








      2013-11-01 15:59:04,862 [1] INFO  ExportToPdfCmd.HTMLExporter - End parsing input data from file C:\Users\SVCSOL~1.ORI\AppData\Local\Temp\radF8296.tmp.enc

      2013-11-01 15:59:04,909 [1] DEBUG ExportToPdfCmd.HTMLExporter - NavigationTimeoutMilliseconds 600000

      2013-11-01 15:59:04,909 [1] DEBUG ExportToPdfCmd.HTMLExporter - ConversionDelayMilliseconds 360000

      2013-11-01 15:59:04,925 [1] INFO  ExportToPdfCmd.HTMLExporter - ExportToPdfCmd Exporting...

      2013-11-01 16:09:06,761 [1] ERROR ExportToPdfCmd.HTMLExporter - FAIL: Convertion failed. Operation times out.




      Message from SolarWinds Report Scheduler Attached PDF export of: <here is correct URL>

      Unable to convert the Web Page to PDF


      with no further error description.




      After seraching & reading thwack forums I tried:


      - Replace server name by FQDN at report URL

      - Set Longer timeouts  at ExportToPDFCmd.exe.config

      - Set ExportToPDF.HttpsServerName at web.config

      - Account used for scheduled tasks is local administrator at orion server. I tried all available browsers, logged localy at orion server. Works fine.

      And of course - tried to restart IIS, All Orion Services, whole server...


      Could anybody provide me an advice, please?