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    Discrepency between Patch Manager and WSUS report


      Hello all,


      I've been looking into the Servers with approved update percentages report as an overview of the systems to send to management. Comparing this report with WSUS I'm seeing some differenced that concern me. One is that I'm seeing installed updates and downloaded updates add up to 100% in Patch Manager where as in WSUS the installed/not needed is 99% and needed is 1%. Also when comparing the needed column from Patch Manager's report to the WSUS report I'm seeing PM show 0 needed and WSUS show 14.


      My question is why are these discrepencies shown and what can I do to fix them? I'm pretty sure this report will give me everything I need for upper management and server owners to see that this system is working as designed once I get this all figured out.

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          Lawrence Garvin

          The important thing to understand is that you cannot directly compare labels in WSUS to labels in Patch Manager, because they are not equivalent.

          In WSUS there are only four reportable states: Installed, Needed, NotApplicable, and Failed. The Needed state includes three substates: NotInstalled, Downloaded, and InstalledPendingReboot.

          Patch Manager explicitly enumerates all six states: Installed, NotApplicable, Failed, Not Installed, Downloaded, and InstalledPendingReboot.


          As such, Patch Manager does not provide a "Needed" column, so it will be necessary to clarify which column you're actually using.

          To compare the WSUS "Needed" count, you'll need to calculate the SUM(NotInstalled, Downloaded, InstalledPendingReboot) in Patch Manager.