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    NPM Network Discovery poll Takes forever and times out.




      I am running 10.6 and i am trying to do a network discovery. i have tried running it 4 times now and it freezes right here everytime.

      discovery freeze.PNG


      In about 30 mins this will time out and tell me it has timed out and that the results have not been completed.


      The only thing i have tried to change is the polling engine in which it is being polled.


      There are 2 things i would like to come out of this.

      1. I want this Poll now to work so that i can add the selected nodes to the server.

      2. I want to be able to rely on network discovery to update SW with the new inventory in a subnet every month by scheduling a network discovery. the problem is everytime i run a network discovery it always seems to be squirrely .  most of the times it completes but this is the first time it has failed.



      in my environment i have 1 Primary Poller running on 2012, 8 proc and 16 gb ram.

                                              6 Additional Pollers running on 2012 8 procs and 8 gb ram.

                                              1 SQL Server running 2008 r2 8 proc and 36 gb ram.





      Message was edited by: Tanner Hughes SOLUTION! To fix this issue go and edit your Network Discovery. on the screen with the timeout and retry bars, The last bar is a total time out. Slide this one past the default 60 mins. This gave the job more time to finish and fixed the issue! Thanks @ROB for the Email!