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    Assets and Parts


      We are evaluating the WHD product and I can't seem to get my head around the Assets and Parts relationship.


      I have assets being pulled in thru WMI/SAM. This has populated with the information I would expect. I have created some parts and inventory just to get a feel for it.


      I have several questions I am struggling with and maybe it will come to me as we continue to evaluate.


      Parts are required to have a manufacturer and model, just like assets - which makes sense.


      By WHD definition, parts are items that have cost and inventory.


      Do we have to define what the difference between the two are?


      A mouse is a part

      A laptop is an asset

      A monitor is a ????


      For the monitor, which do you assign to a ticket - an Inventory asset or a part from inventory?

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          Best way to think about parts is consumable items, i.e items with a cost that can be consumed on a call that you want to track the inventory you have / the cost to you or your customer.

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              I figured that parts are items that would be inventoried consumables, like mice and keyboards. How might I turn something like a monitor from a part to an asset? Using WMI we can't get this to be an asset, yet I don't consider a monitor as a consumable.


              I do keep a couple monitors (as well as mice and keyboards) in stock for those "just in case" situations.

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              Out of curiosity then, if a part is consumable and an asset is tracked and deployed, would an asset like an IP Phone consume a license as a part or another asset?  the license is consumed by the deployment of said asset, but could be purchased and stored in the event that more phones are purchased and added.  Being able to add parts to an asset might be a great way to link these together.  Im not sure if child assets works better for this or not, as the license is a consumable (sort of).  Any thoughts?