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    v10 Reverse Connection not working


      I am trying to connect to remote sites using the reverse connection option, and am running into a wall.


      We have multiple public I.P. addresses available to us at our technical support site, so I have configured our SonicWall to forward requests sent to one of these address (xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx:6130) to the local I.P. address of my workstation. I then set my local DMRC to accept incoming connections on port 6130.


      On the remote workstation, I have installed the DMRC client using an MSI created with the MSI builder. The settings on the client are as shown in the attached document.


      When I try to connect form the remote workstation, to the public I.P. address and port 6130, I get the error listed in the attached document.


      I have stopped and started the service on the remote system, with no effect.


      What am I missing?