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    Adding only UP UP interfaces


      When the 'DiscoverInterfacesOnNode' is called the XML return does not contain the interfaces status:




            <d1p1:Caption z:Id="120">FastEthernet0 - Fa0</d1p1:Caption>








      In addition if the DiscoveredInterfacesOnNode is call directly after adding a node there are not entries in the Discovered Interfaces table. This is problematic because once the 'AddInterfacesOnNode' method is called with the above sample of XML there is no way to determine what is an active interface and what is administratively down.


      Question 1: When is the DiscoveredInterface table populated? Is this only populated based on internal solarwinds polling and discoverey or should it be populated after the above 'DiscoveredInterfacesOnNode' Method is called?

      Quesiton 2: Is it possible to include the ifStatus be it operational or admin within the XML return of the 'DiscoveredInterfacesOnNode' Method?

      Question 3: Are there any ways to determine interface status prior to adding the interface?



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          Answer 1: the DiscoveredInterfaces table is populated when you run a regular Network Sonar discovery in the website, either interactive or scheduled. The DiscoverInterfacesOnNode verb does not populate this table - it just accumulates the interface info in memory and returns it to you.


          Answer 2: There's no configuration option to add properties to this set, but it's a very reasonable feature request. If you want to track this through SolarWinds support, please reference bug #283322.


          Answer 3: Not through DiscoverInterfacesOnNode directly. Two ways to deal with this:

          1. You could just add all the interfaces (that is, call AddInterfacesOnNode without filtering by status), wait for NPM to populate the adminstatus and operstatus fields in the database, then delete the down ones.

          2. You could run your own SNMP Get for ifAdminStatus ( or ifOperStatus ( using the ifIndex values returned by DiscoverInterfacesOnNode, then filter using that info.