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    Packet Loss Percent mismatch



          We have Orion 10 Sp1 installed with Windows Server 2008 R2 .. we have a problem in some nodes where nodes are down and percent packet loss in TOP XX Pages shown as 20% or 50% and not 100% !!

      also the packet loss line chart show 100% although the Packet Loss Gauge shows 50% !!


      both charts have the same sampling time and as said before the mismatch are not found in all nodes ,, any workaround ?

        • Re: Packet Loss Percent mismatch

          So here's how we calculate packet loss:


          Percent Packet Loss

          Orion NPM calculates percent packet loss using ICMP ping requests made on the Default Poll Interval. Orion NPM pings monitored devices and records the results of the ten most recent ping attempts. Percent packet loss is expressed as the the number of failed ping requests, X, divided by the number of ping requests, 10.

          For example, if, at a given point in time, the last ten ping requests made of a selected device resulted in 2 failures and 8 successes, the percent packet loss for the selected device at the given time is reported as 2/10, or 20%.

          Does this explain the calculations you are seeing a bit better?