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    Log to a file - Mapped Drive


      We are trying to log events and traps to a file.  We can do this to a local drives (C:\) or any folder on C:.  When we map drives to another system (Windows or Linux) the event will not log to the file.  The files have all user full access and we can write/modify the files via the mapped drive on the Orion server.  Events or Traps however will not write to anything bu a locally connected drive.  Any ideas?

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          Not sure if this is supported but you could try to use a symlink to make the folder look like it's local to the system but have it point to another location.

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            Has anyone gotten the alerts to log to a mapped drive?

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              To be able to insert data into a text file onto a Remote Directory, you will need to create an account that has access to the Remote Mapped Drive and access to execute Alerts on the Solarwinds Server, then you can go into the Services on the Server and change the Login for the Solarwinds Alerting Service to the new account.


              1. Click Start > Control Panel > Administrative Tools > Services.
              2. Right-click the service you want to configure, and then click Properties.
              3. On the Log On tab, select This account, and then select Browse and insert the Account that will be running the Alerts.
              4. Select Ok, Start the Service.