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    LEM for Motorola Symbol switches


      Is anyone using LEM for Motorola RFS6000 switches? What connector should we use. It started logging using the Cisco IOS and PIX connector but it is throwing errors because it is not a Cisco device,

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          The first thing I would do is make sure that the connector pack was the latest and greatest: SolarWinds Knowledge Base :: How to apply a LEM connector update package


          I've looked through the latest, though, and I don't think that Motorola's switches are matched.  If a connector is needed, try the following:


          1. Open an SSH session to your LEM
          2. Go to the Appliance menu
          3. Run the command EXPORTSYSLOG
          4. Select the local facility that the Motorola switches are logging to and export it (this will require a CIFS share and you'll get a tar.gz)
            • If the syslog is large (> 3-5MB), you might consider pointing the devices to their own local facility for a day so you can export a log that is all relevant and smaller
            • 1000 lines of the same syslog message is less useful than 50 unique lines from the same device.  Variety is useful to the people who make connectors!
          5. Open a support ticket with Solarwinds, and they can work with you to get a connector created


          There is no guaranteed time frame for getting a new connector, but that would at least get you moving towards a solution.