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    Hey, Listen! Alert Central Office Hours Chat Transcript from Thursday, October 24

    nicole pauls

      Here's the transcript from Thursday's Alert Central Office Hours session. The next session (last one for 2013!) will be Thursday, December 5th. As always, check out the schedule here: Hey, Listen! Alert Central Office Hours Schedule & Transcripts. We'll put up a Thwack event over in the Community Events, Webcasts & Training space and you can sign up for a handy reminder email by filling out this survey: https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/9TNQKD3


      Highlights from this Office Hours include a bunch of technical questions for folks new to Alert Central or trying to get it configured.


      I've marked the AC Team members below with (AC Team), (PM), and (Dev), so they are easy to distinguish. If you didn't get your question answered or have a new question after reading through, feel free to post it here in the Alert Central forum!


      Katie (AC Team)Thanks for coming everyone
      Katie (AC Team)Thanks for stopping by Alert Central Office Hours
      Katie (AC Team)If you have any questions please feel free to ask away
      JonathanHi All
      Nicole (PM)hellooooo
      Katie (AC Team)How's everyone doing this fine Thursday morning?
      ErikDespecially after we were able to ferret out some of the  issues w/AC and Exchange EWS
      Nicole (PM)nice!
      JonathanMorning for you perhaps
      Jonathanit is already 17:30 here in South Africa
      JonathanFine nonetheless
      Nicole (PM)morning for just a little while longer here
      ArdoWhen we RSVP to a lab and the select option to add to our calendar.  Why isn't there a link in the calendaer event to this page?
      Katie (AC Team)I will have to look at how the lab group is doing it
      Katie (AC Team)I am sure I can set it up the same way
      Nicole (PM)ah
      Nicole (PM)i see - the description says it's in the product forum
      Nicole (PM)but maybe we could make the linmk clearer in the "Location"
      Nicole (PM)er  link.
      Ardothe event in my Outlook calendar is a text-only description of the events content/topic.
      Jonathanand here.. it says already started perhaps add a join now link…
      Nicole (PM)oh that's interesting - in the outlook description where it says "Stop by the Alert Central product forum" is it not a link?
      Nicole (PM)nope!
      Nicole (PM)yeah
      Nicole (PM)we might need to include a separate bare link in there
      Nicole (PM)looks like all the HTML got stripped
      Katie (AC Team)I also send out an email reminder about office hours (which I could turn into a calendar invite with link)
      Katie (AC Team) if you would like a notification you can sign up here: https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/9TNQKD3
      JonathanWill there be sound in this webinar?
      Katie (AC Team)No sound this is only a chat session.
      Jonathanok  thanks.. new to this.. I think this is my first one
      Katie (AC Team)If you have any questions about Alert Central  need help getting it up or feature request we are here to help get them answered.
      ScottRichI am not getting NPM alerts in AC anymore email alerts work fine. nothing changed on NPM. forum suggested reinstalling the AC vm which I did but still nothing from NPM. Any suggestions?
      Nicole (PM)did it stop after an NPM upgrade or anything or just randomly?
      ScottRichrandomly. but the email alerts also quit but the reinstall fixed that part.
      JonathanI actually have no questions at the moment. I did however complete the installation of our domain mail server on our secondary domain as our primary domain is on the google cloud.
      JonathanI have had many issues with NPM webhelpdesk sending emails via Gmail
      JonathanSo I setup a new mail server inhouse for the SW products and our CRM to use
      Nicole (PM)scott you've double checked that the orion source isn't trashing stuff? (the obvious but just to be safe) and that orion is generating alerts?
      ScottRichI am not having any problems with email alerts from SW products just getting alerts from NPM into AC.
      esamCan Alert Central use a tele-modem to reach a TAP line?
      ScottRichYes checked all of that. I get the alerts directly from NPM to my email and i currently have AC set to send all alerts to me.
      Nicole (PM)esam Alert Central can just send out email notifications right now - so only if you have a gateway that can handle email and pass them on.
      Nicole (PM)ok let me see if anyone on our dev team (lurking in the shadows) has thoughts
      esamok thx. too bad.
      Katie (AC Team)esam have you downloaded Alert Central already?
      esamno NPM handles things fine
      esamOn ScottRich's line what is the mechanism that NPM uses to talk to AC?
      Nicole (PM)SWIS
      Nicole (PM)so firewalls are a possibility
      Nicole (PM)that sounds like something we should add to the FAQ, too, what ports need to be open.
      esamSWIS = Solar WInds Info Service?
      Nicole (PM)correct!
      esamwhich ports?
      Chris J (Dev)sounds about right
      ScottRichthat would be helpful to have in the FAQ, but i have no firewalls in between NPM and AC in my instance.
      esamsame subnet?
      esamthe Virt Enviro has no built-in fw?
      Nicole (PM)Note: If you receive an error when running the Orion Server Settings test, make sure you are running the Alert Central virtual appliance on the 443 port. Orion listens on the 17778 port.
      Nicole (PM)right, the appliance itself shouldn't be an issue
      ScottRichno fw in vm
      Nicole (PM)(sorry, had to dig up the ports from the doc)
      esamsounds like AC may confilict with me running NPM's site on 443
      JimI am trying to set up SMS to alert me when I get an alert but when I reply to the text, it doesn't validate via a reply  am I missing something here ?  I can manually validate the SMS as a vlaid address but not working automatically
      Nicole (PM)AC runs on the virtual appliance listening on 443 so it should be ok
      Nicole (PM)yeah, some carriers don't seem to be funneling the reply message back
      Nicole (PM)the manual validation is probably your best bet.
      Jimok thanks ..just trying to make sure its not an issue with AC ..figured it was the carrier as usual   lol
      JonathanI need to setup SMS alerts from scratch, but I do not know where to start
      Nicole (PM)so, with AC, you just need the carrier's email-to-SMS address for your phone, and you can add it as an address to each user, then validate it (with a reply or manually). you can set the message style preference for that address to SMS so the alerts are super short.
      esamas in 3245551212@vtext.com, for vrizon
      ScottRicheasiest way to find the address is to send a text to your email account.
      Nicole (PM)unless you're Jim and your carrier doesn't do that
      ScottRichlol, sorry Jim!
      JonathanI found out that my carrier is also not providing this service,  but there are third parties
      Nicole (PM)without the reply-back people can usually receive the SMS notification, but have to use email or the console to reply and ack/decline
      Jonathanelridge69: Do I know you?
      elridge69I work at Scan RF, sound familiar?
      foffI am attempting to close teh SNMP public/public on Alert Central - anyone know of a way to do this?
      ErikDwithin AC alerts my NPM alerts are subject listed as NID[xxx] rather than actual nodename... is there a way to tweak that in the info sharing?
      JonathanSorry Foff, not meant for you, meant for elridge69
      Nicole (PM)foff, I'm not sure. looking…
      foffno problem that what I figured, thanks ErikD
      Nicole (PM)doesn't look like it, foff - I'd post it up on the forum, possibly as a feature request
      foffI am blown away that such a simple item is left open - where are the security minded devs?  thank you for checking but we will not be able to use this product for this reason and we need a solution ASAP.  I do appreciate your assistance
      Nicole (PM):/ yeah, we should be able to put a toggle in the interface to either change the community strings or disable it.
      Nicole (PM)also not sure about the NID[xxx] in the alert sharing. possible with Advanced Alert Manager you could change the fields that are sent in the alert.
      foffthat would be great - I have seen several posts with users looking to do this.
      ErikDI also get emails like: [AC-Activity] Alert me when a node goes down - NID[660], but no alert populates in the GUI
      Nicole (PM)that's strange, if you see them they should be in the UI somewhere - maybe the timestamps are off or they got closed somehow?
      ErikDeven closed items are visible, but only for email sources
      Stepan (Dev)ErikD: Are you logged as admin or as user. If user then you should see just only own alert.
      ErikDI am the user with Admin rights that gets all alerts
      Oleg (Dev)Sound like a defect could you post in on thwack with some details?
      MADIs there anyway to modify the email template that AC uses, If not is that ability coming in the near future?
      Chris J (Dev)elridge69: no way yet
      Nicole (PM)that is something on our list - in the short term we're looking at adding an option to include the original alert/email, so that you can get everything (better than nothing?) as a first step
      Chris J (Dev)elridge69: bag
      Chris J (Dev)elridge69: bah
      MADIs there anyway to process an alert without an escalation step. Where an alert would come in and be sent out once without additional processing.
      Nicole (PM)you can configure a single escalation step and set it to not repeat
      Nicole (PM)but i think that's as close as it gets.
      JonathanWhat was the connection Elridge?
      Jonathanwhen installing the AC VM, what is the root username and password to the linux machine that Ac is running on?
      Nicole (PM)it's randomly generated and unique to each appliance. you can log in with admin/admin (same as used for the virtual appliance management)
      JonathanSo if we have root access, we should have access o the HTML directory and edit the HTML templates this way
      JonathanUntil the next AC update anyway
      Nicole (PM)ah, everything on that front is most likely all bundled into the application.
      Katie (AC Team)We are about to hit the last 15 minutes of AC Office Hours and final questions?
      Nicole (PM)also, if you didn't get a great answer to any technical questions, please do post them on thwack.
      Nicole (PM)i know we had a few maybes and stuff to trys that might not pan out and need further assistance.
      ScottRichI did not hear from any of the developers, so i deleted my vm again and re-installed, and now the alerts from NPM are showing up as expected. ???
      Nicole (PM)o_O
      Nicole (PM)hopefully it stays that way, I guess
      Stepan (Dev)Scott, if to be honest I believe that problem on NPM side and AC reinstall will not help.
      Stepan (Dev)It would be better if you collect ORION log files and post them in separate issues on THWACK
      ScottRichif it happens again, i will certainly post the logs from both systems. I will watch it very closely as we are moving AC into production in a few weeks!
      Nicole (PM)nice
      Katie (AC Team)Quick reminder, we will be posting the log of this chat session on thwack
      Katie (AC Team)Thanks again for coming out today, if you have any additional questions please feel free to post them on thwack and our team will get back to you with help