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    Monitoring APC ACRD100 with NPM


      Has anyone monitored their APC in-Row ACRD100 air coolers\air-conditioners with NPM?


      I have several of these units in my data center together with other APC power equipment (Symmetra 40K UPS AP9617, PDU's and rack PDU's)


      I have created a few custom pollers for the UPSs that monitor battery capacity, run time, load etc.


      I would like to create a few custom pollers for the ACRD100 air coolers to monitor some variables such as cool setpoint, inlet air temperature, supply air temperature etc.


      I would like to create a map for non-data devices in my Data Center that would display real time info as well.


      Does anyone know which OID's are needed?


      I have tried the following, but with no success, the mibs are all unsupported




      there is also:


      dod>private>enterprise>apc>products>hardware>system>networkAir(14)>airIRRD100Series(8) but there are no pollers in this folder


      Any assistance is greatly appreciated