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    User delegation problems


      Hey Thwack,


      I'm having some troubles with user delegation. I have searched around and couldn't find any solutions.


      Here is the scenario. I am managing over 3000 IPs and want to pass on some of the responsibility to other admin teams. I have the addresses broken down into supernets and subnets. I want to maintain the current layout but want another team to only have access to the subnets they would be responsible for, while all other subnets remain hidden. I am running Orion 2013.2.0 with IPAM 4.0.


      Here is the example:


      Read Only
      Power User


      Here is the problem. If I make a supernet read only all sub/supernets contained within inherit the read only and can't be changed to hide. If I make a subnet Power user, when that user logs in they do not see the IP's they are Power users for.


      Any help would be appreciated.