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    Reduce database size


      We are running Virtualization Manager v6.0.0.10001.  My goal is to reduce the size of the database and the length of time that the data is retained.  I have changed the "Days to Retain Performance Data Hourly Rollups" value to 60 days from the default 90 days.


      My expectation is that the data that is older than 60 days will be pruned out and the database size will decrease.  Is this correct?  If so, when should I expect to see a reduction in the database size?


      Thanks for the help.

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          You should see the DB shrink in about 24 hours or so.  You can get further reductions by changing "Days to Retain Raw Performance Data" to a smaller number (default is 14 days). 

          You could also do a manual vacuum on the DB as well (link to Postgres instructions below).  Note if you decide to do a FULL vacuum, then you need to shut down the VMan service first.


          PostgreSQL: Documentation: 8.3: VACUUM


          Let me know if you need additional information.