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    Text field in NPM


      Is there a way to add a free flowing text entry field to the Node Details page that will allow a user/manager to enter raw text that will be held with the nodes records?  I'm looking for a way of keeping track of vendor ticket numbers and comments so all admins can see them without having to add in another Helpdesk package.

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          Jan Pelousek

          Hello, there's one possibility I summarized some time ago at http://thwack.solarwinds.com/message/188158#188158

          I hope it will help you to find the optimal solution.




          Honza Pelousek

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              I found your summary from the other post and although it works, its not really

              what I was looking for.  Having to open the Custom Properties page scares me a

              bit.  What I was really looking for is equivalent to Whats Up Gold Free

              Flowing text field, where you can just enter text in an area of the Node

              details page for each device.  We're looking to track ticket numbers and

              comments from circuit vendors about status.


              I'm going to use your solution in the interim, but I will keep looking.  If

              you have any other ideas, I'm more than willing to listen.