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    Importing an SSL Certificate into Web Help Desk


      I have been following the Web Help Desk Document "Importing an SSL Certificate" Web Help Desk Documentation Library | Installation | Importing an SSL Certificate and have been running into a problem.  When I go to import the new keystore.jks file into my server I can not as the "admin" account does not have permission to replace the file located at /usr/local/webhelpdesk/conf/ .


      How do I copy my new keystore.jks file to the server and overwrite the file?


      Importing a PKCS#12 file into the Web Help Desk keystore

      Porteclé provides two ways to import contents of a PKCS#12 file into the Web Help Desk Java keystore. The first method is to open the PKCS#12 keystore (File > Open Keystore File…), convert it to a Java keystore (Tools > Change Keystore Type > JKS), and overwrite the existing keystore by saving it as <WebHelpDesk>/conf/keystore.jks. The second method is to open the Web Help Desk keystore file and then import the keypair containing your certificate, using Tools > Import Keypair…. You will be prompted to select which keypair in your PKCS#12 keystore to import.