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    Linux filesystem percent used shown incorrectly


      Good morning,


      I've been running into an issue where alerts we have are not triggering for filesystems that have reached 100% utilization on Linux hosts.  From what little I've found I'm seeing that Orion is using the Linux net-snmp MIBS for  "total space / used space" which does not account for things like the ext3 reserve block count.  I happened upon this post http://thwack.solarwinds.com/message/80692#80692 , but it does not appear to address the issue I'm seeing with testing.  Is there anything that can be configured or changed to allow for Orion to report on percent used or account for the reserve space?


      More information:

      tune2fs -l /dev/mapper/vg_oratemp-u06_SdHv | grep -i "reserved block"

      Reserved block count:    524156

      df -hP /u06 Filesystem


      Size  Used Avail Use% Mounted on

      /dev/mapper/vg_oratemp-u06_SdHv  40G  38G    0 100% /u06

      df -P /u06 Filesystem

      1024-blocks      Used Available Capacity Mounted on

      /dev/mapper/vg_oratemp-u06_SdHv  41284928  39193176        0    100% /u06

      In Orion: /u06 39.4 GB  37.4 GB  95 %