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    Losing Email


      We set up Alert Central to handle email alerts from a couple of systems and everything seems to work pretty well.  However we also tried to set it up to handle email from people.  If people forward (FW:) an email to our Alert Central email account or if they reply (RE:) it appears that Alert Central discards the email.  Is anyone else having this problem?  Does Alert Central try to process these as replies to Alerts?  Is that why it appears to be discarding them?  Is there any way to get these messages to show up in the dashboard so we can see when a client is trying to interact with us?



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          Hi, Mike.


          Yes, you are right here, AC have problems with FW: and RE: emails in previous releases (actually AC trying to treat this mails as user response: ACK, NOTE, CLOSE, etc.)

          Issue is already fixed and will be available in next release.




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            For now, the only way to get FW: or RE: emails is to update their subjects before sending (space or any other character will be enough).

            So your customers should modify their emails subjects somehow when they forward alerts to AC.

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                Thanks, Olha.  But that's not a good suggestion. They think they're emailing a help desk.  We've worked around the problem by putting another mailbox in front of Alert Central so the emails that get discarded from the Alert Central email are still available in the other (support) mail box.  It's a kludgy work around but it's better than sending all of our customers an email asking them not to reply using the existing subject.  Hopefully the fix will be implemented soon.  We're looking pretty foolish to our customers when we lose their email.

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                    we are seeing the same issue in which case alerts are coming to the mailbox designated to Solarwinds Alert central, emails are being deleted effectively, I can see when they come in and a second later deleted but these are not being triggereted by Alert Central. Not even with an Exclamation mark. Basically email comes in and gets deleted and it is happening with mostly Oracle DB email alerts being sent by our servers to the Solarwinds Alert Central mailbox. This makes me think like other posting have, that in fact Alert Central discards emails even if they dont have attachment but by some other keyword on the Body of the email. In addition, to clarify, I had created a back up of Alert Central, deleted all my emails configured email sources, and tried sending the same email to the mailbox and not triggering is happening at the ALert Central end. Therfore, there isn't a "Route" that could be trashing these