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    Possible to re-process alerts?




      Is it possible to force alerts to be re-processed? For example, a new type of alert comes in. I configure the email source with the details and it tests OK. Is it then possible to reprocess that alert so it follows the rules I just created instead of being stuck on "Unable to determine the source of this alert"? Thanks!

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          For now, you can't apply newly added source rules to already received 'Unable to determine' alert.

          The options you have:

          - Open the undetermined alert, select the second option and set up all the settings again




          - If you already know the person or a group who's responsible for this alert, you can acknowledge it first and then assign to a specific user (user will be assigned and notified) or group (alert will go through group notification policy).

          If you use this variant you can perform bulk change for a number of undetermined alerts (check-boxes on Alerts tab)