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    Virtualization Manager Export Limitation


      Has anyone found a way to get past the 50 export limitation?  I'm trying to write some queries to let me know which machines page files haven't been moved yet but it won't let me export more than 50 items to the excel sheet.

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          can you be more specific please? There's no limitation regarding data export. Just if you want to export results from List then it's limited to 50 rows:


          If possible, insert screenshots, SQL queries you used, etc.





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              That is my issue is I'm trying to export all the results to a excel file for review and its limiting me to 50, just seems kind of stupid to have that data there and not be able to easily export it out for review.  I'm using it right now to try and figure out which machines I haven't already moved page files so I have a query checking machines for disks that are not spread across 2 different datastores.  What I had been doing was then adding these to a list then trying to export it, is there a better way to accomplish this so I don't hit the 50 rows?

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                  Only List module has limit, the other modules (Search or Reporting - Data Export module) allow to export all results.


                  So it's recommended that you:

                  1) create a new Search (i.e. "vm.datastoreCount:([1 TO *] -1) " to search for VMs with datastoreCount > 1)

                  2) via "Export results" button you are redirected to "Data Export" menu where you can choose items to export (either static list of items or dynamic SQL commands) and attributes you want to include into the exported file (use either "add attribute" to select attributes you would like to have, or "load" to load predefined set of attributes)

                  3) by pressing "Run Export" button you will start the export. All VMs found by the SQL query will be exported.


                  See VMAN Documentation (search for "Data Exports") for further information.


                  Please let me know if it helps.