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    Interface utilisation report with icon/text colour change




      I briefly raised this question during the Reporting webinar during Thwack Camp 2013 but I haven't had much luck getting it to work.


      Short Version: Looking to combine the nicer/easier to read reports with the functionality/features of the web resources.


      Long Version: I'm looking for a combination of the in-built "Current Traffic on All Interfaces" resource and the "Current Traffic - All Interfaces" report.


      I'm using the following sample nodes/interfaces and I've set a custom bandwidth on the S0/0/0 interface and dropped the warning/critical thresholds for testing. The text for transmit utilisation has changed colour to reflect the threshold breach.



      Ideally it would be good to have the percentage bars like below but I'm not sure if it will be possibly to add them in.


      The live system has a lot more interfaces/nodes than this and users have reported it can be difficult/messy to identify the nodes. A work-around was to use the existing report "Current Traffic - All Interfaces" and embed the report on the view. This highlights each node and lists the interfaces making it easier to read.



      The downside is that the text no longer changes colour when breaching thresholds. The presenter during the reporting webinar suggested it may be possible to use the new web reporting in 10.6 to add status icons to the report that reflect warning/critical thresholds but I haven't been able to find this. Ideally we'd be able to add the percentage bars as well.


      Anyone out there tried to do similar?