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    Problem getting data using SWQL studio from Orion.Netflow.ConversationsTop NTA 3.11


      I just submitted the default select query from SWQL studio for Orion.Netflow.ConversationsTop, which gives me the error shown below


      The parameter(s) 'Filter, Limit, TopKey' are missing for entity, Orion.NetFlow.ConversationsTop


      I assume it actually needs a date range filter to work, but I can't figure out the syntax.


      The closest post I found was this one about NetFlow.IPAddressGroups, but I could not get the suggested filter to work with ConversationsTop


      How to fetch Total Ingress & Egress Bytes for Orion.NetFlow.IPAddressGroups using SDK


      Trying something like this, but I'm really guessing now


      SELECT ConversationID, IPSort1, IPAddress1, HostName1, IPSort2, IPAddress2, HostName2, NodeID, InterfaceID, TotalBytes, TotalPackets, TotalBytesIngress, TotalBytesEgress, TotalPacketsIngress, TotalPacketsEgress

      FROM Orion.NetFlow.ConversationsTop(Filter='NSF:TD:2013-10-16T09:00:00~2013-10-16T10:00:00,1,True,True;FD:Ingress;G:6', Limit=5, Rx=True, Tx=True, TopKey='')


      "Unkown parameter Tx, Rx"


      Anybody know what filter or syntax I should use?