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    Can you find your support case easily?


      Hi All


      I have logged into my companies solarwinds Customer portal and tried to find 2 tickets that I have logged - here the heartache begins!


      I can look at several different layouts (allcases, features submitted etc) I can sort by product, Status, date created etc.  I can even sort by Case number - great if its a new case or an old case but not if its somewhere in the mass of cases we have logged over the years in our portal.  I was thinking wouldnt it be great and so much more user frieldly if there was a search feature on this Support Cases page.  Then when you need to update a ticket you can simply type in the number and press search and HEY PRESTO the case you are looking for appears, as if by magic, before your eyes.


      Its would be a great feature, easy to program and make some of us (well me anyway) very happy