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      Dear Users,


      Do share with us your experience with NTM RC V2.0 release here.



      Cliton Godinho

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          Installed 2.0 this morning hoping to clear up some outstanding issues from an open ticket in 1.0. Actually getting less specific information than in scans in 1.0. In 1.0, I did get port information showing connections between devices that ran CDP, but everything else would show up as an orphaned device. Running this with the same SNMP settings, the mapping comes back with subnet itself as the central point, and everything off of that rather than off the central switch, etc (even when running that central switch as a seed device or as a single IP with 1 hop). No interconnect detail shown between the switch and devices or router to router. SNMP does appear to be working correctly as the information being provided by those devices that respond to SNMP is accurate. Any ideas on any additional settings that are required for this?