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    Getting SNMP Traps into Alert Central


      My battery backup guy came to me the other day and said, "Hey! You're pretty good with all this SolarWinds stuff, right? I get these emails from our APC battery backup units alerting me to an overvoltage condition. First, I'd like to see them in Alert Central and second, I'd love to know what the actual voltage is!". I accepted the challenge and been working on this for a good part of today.


      My first stop was to Trap Viewer on the Orion server. This often overlooked utility receives the traps and then handles them sort of like Advanced Alert Manager. I wish it was part of Advanced Alert Manager. I brought up the current traps tab so I could see what the trap looked like first. I then went to the UPS web interface and setup the IP address of the Orion server as a trap receiver and assigned it a community string. I sent the test alert through which came across like this:


      Trap TimeIP AddressHostnameCommunity StringTrap TypeTrap Details
      10/14/2013 3:09:37 PM10.131.216.8010.131.216.80publicPowerNet-MIB:apc.0.636

      sysUpTime=40 days 7 hours 58 minutes 37.35 seconds













      I then generated an alert from that trap that looks like this

      RuleName="APC SNMP Traps to AlertCentral"


      CommunityTemplates="public" TrapDetail="*"

      TrapActionType="EMail" Title="Send E-Mail/Page to orion@us.org;" Target="To:orion@us.org"

      Subject="Forwarded Trap Message from ${Hostname}:${IP}"

      Message="Date: ${DateTime}

      Message Type: ${MESSAGETYPE}

      Message: ${MESSAGE}"



      Basically this will take and PowerNet-MIB:apc trap and email it to our Alert Central System. I split up the details (messagetype and message) onto separate lines and prefixed them so I could more easily identify them in Alert Central. I then setup a new email alert source in Alert Central as follows:

      The From Contains: OrionAlerts

      Capture Summary: "Message Type: Stop at end of line"

      Object - Subject "Forwarded Trap Message from "

      Directly Assign Severity to Email Alerts (I wish this could be manually set!)

      Assigned to: POWER group


      It worked pretty well and generated the following alert:




      Unfortunately I am now stuck on the last part of of Edward's request. Is there any way to now reference either another snmp variable or a custom poller field (upsAdvInputLineVoltage)?