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    Better file / attachment management?

    Peter Krutý

      Currently if you want to attach file to the ticket, you can:


      1. Do it as a Tech in Ticket Details area. Similarly as a client you can attache file to ticket in Client UI in the ticket history.
      2. Send note with attachment(s) as a Tech or send email as a Client with attachment(s).


      There are number of limitations:

      • Attachments are filling up the database if you have many of them.
      • It is not easy to share file with 3rd party or ask 3rd party to share file with you in relation to the given ticket. (e.g. vendor provide documentation or schematics).
      • To work with attachment you can do it only from Web UI and individually, there is no easy way to access all attachments at once, download them all at once, do a bulk upload of multiple files.
      • One has to search through all the notes just to find the attachment from email.
      • You can't send attachment using Action Rule.
      • There is no Attachments API, so bulk imports are not possible.
      • You can't attach file to some other objects like Parts (you can to Assets or POs).


      What improvements are most important to you?

      Are there other maybe more important limitations, which are not on the list?


      Added multiple download use-case: Peter Krutý

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          Going to have to agree with everything you have said above. Our old helpdesk software (helpdesk authority) stored the attachments on the server in a folder. This was about the only thing about that software that was really smooth.

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            As far as the management you are talking about for us it does not seem to be an issue for us yet. Although we get very few attachments maybe 20 in a year. I have no clue how they are stored/referenced in the DB.


            As for the limit you are not actually limited to 1 megabyte if you go to Setup --> Options --> Max Attachment size and you can set it to whatever size in MEG. I have no clue why the default is a measly 1 meg, but it is. I only figured this out because I had a large screenshot I wanted to upload and it was blocked. We currently have the limit set to 10 meg.


            I had opened a support ticket a long time ago to send an attachment via action rule and/or Approval process but not sure if it gained any traction. Should probably open it as a feature request.