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    Adding Physical Servers to STM


      Is there a way to add multiple nodes at a time to STM? Could this be scripted?

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          So, to add physical servers into STM you'll need to install an agent on that server.  I remember a customer having a script a long time ago, but I know I've since lost it.  In other words, my answer is yes, it can be scripted.


          Silent installer:

               The agent installer does have a silent option.  If you run the agent in command line with -? that will present you with a list of switches that you can run with the installer to set the destination ip address and set to run after install.  If I remember correctly, the script the customer built had a list of IP addresses in it that were called by the script, then the file was copied to said server, and then the file was run with psexec.  I haven't tried psexec with 2012, so, not sure how well that would work.

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            Yes it can be scripted using silent installation method. You may contact support for further assistance.