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    Single Screen for all interface monitored


      Dear Friends..

      yesterday was my first day with Solarwinds and i am trying Real time bandwidth monitor and i would say i am very impressed.. the things which i was trying to get from other products and getting the things done from ages.. i got it in 2 mins .. its just WOW.. thanks SOLARWINDS..

      I AM MONITORING my router's bandwidth utilization and got many interfaces and sub-interfaces... it shows all good but the only things which a bit of point of concern for me is that i am having 15 different screens (Pop-ups) one for each interface and i am expecting this to grow a lot.. so is there a way i can have all the interfaces coming on a single screen with different color graph options... and also may be can get an alert.. no really required but if alert there works good.  Main is to have all the graphs on single screen


      Thansk for giving time to this.. not sure is the reply will come to my ID or not .. please reaply on jatinder2jatin@yahoo.ca