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    Proxim AP-8000 Detail Information


      We have recently installed a number of Proxim AP-8000 access points across our network and added them to NPM but for some reason, they show no client information on either the Wireless Summary View or Wireless Autonomous AP detail pages.

      In the Node Details section of the Wireless Autonomous AP detail page they also show incorrect information in the System Name, Description, Location fields etc. These show default info rather than the info configured via their web interface.


      We have no problems with the large number of Proxim AP-4000 units we have deployed and all their detail info displays correctly.


      Has anyone else added Proxim AP-800/AP-8000 units to NPM and if so, have you been able to have them report the detailed info correctly?


      Thanks in advance.

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          For reasons I can't explain, it does not appear as though the 8000 series supports the 802.11 SNMP MIB, required for wireless information to appear in most any wireless network management software. As a point of comparison, search for the phrase "802.11 MIB" for this Proxim wireless bridge, and then do the same on this page or this page. For the Tsunami Quickbridge, you'll see the "802.11 MIB" listed under "Management" - "SNMP". The same is not true for either the 8100 series Multi-point or Wireless Access Point. You may want to consider calling Proxim to ask them if this AP supports the 802.11 MIB.

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              Thanks for that. I'd also noticed that their MIB support had changed on the newer models.


              I was wondering if this was actually a deliberate move on their part so that you're forced to purchase their proprietary management software to monitor them. If so, I doubt they'd be inclined to do anything or care that they don't work with any other software packages.


              They're pretty horrible devices in any case but we're stuck with them. Unfortunately, not my choice...