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    Last 200 Unknown Traffic Events


      I am new in this, and trying to understand how to manage it.


      I am getting 200 unknown traffic events every time after I clear the notifications. I do add some of the unmanaged interfaces, but it will take me 200+ clicks to add them all. Therefore, I only pick certain interfaces that I think might be useful. That also means I am not too sure if that's the right way to do it.

      What's causing to have 200 unknown traffics? How should I handle them?  Netflow is receiving flow data from unmanaged interface "#19" on devicename.cisco.domainname and it does not support SNMP. When I try to add this interface, it asks me for interface speed. How and where can I find that out?


      Thank you in advance for the help.

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          is it true that mentioned device doesn't support SNMP? One reason why you see these messages is when receiving flows from device which was added as ICMP into NPM and thus can't be queried via SNMP. But if it supports SNMP, the easiest solution is to change the node in NPM from ICMP to SNMP and discover any interfaces you are interested in. NTA will then monitor these interfaces automatically.


          If the device indeed doesn't support SNMP, manually adding them to NTA via the link in the event is the only way for now. Interface speed is there just to calculate percentage of interface usage, in most cases it's safe to add 100mbit there.