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    The Mobile Admin server must have a local Domino server....


      Found the technote below, unregistered and re registered the DLL but I have the same issue. The Rove server has a Domino instance on it and is up and running. R8.5.3 on Windows 2008

      I also ran CMD elevated to run these connands. What can I check next? Any guidance is greatly appreciated


      1) The computer Mobile Admin is installed on does not actually have a Domino server installed as well.  Having Domino installed on the same computer as Mobile Admin is required in order to be able to manage Domino.


      2) If Domino was installed after Mobile Admin then one of the DLL's will not have been registered properly.  To fix the problem you just need to register the nlsxbe.dll again.


      Here is how you register the DLL again:


      Navigate to the appropriate directory. (nlsxbe.dll is normally under the Domino directory).


      Unregister the nlsxbe.dll (this may do nothing):

      regsvr32 -u nlsxbe.dll


      Re-register the nlsxbe.dll:

      regsvr32 nlsxbe.dll