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    NTA 4.0 RC is starting soon!


      The NTA 4.0 RC is right around the corner. Here I will detail the requirements for participation.


      1. First to note is that you need to be on a 64bit OS. NTA 4.0 will still support a 32bit OS however the performance gains are only available in the 64bit version. Upgrade those servers!
      2. Secondly, you will need NPM 10.6. NTA leverages the new web reporting infrastructure that is provided in NPM 10.6
      3. Lastly, you will need to have thought about where you will install the new Flow Storage DB and the amount of storage you will need. We are recommending that you install the Flow Storage DB on a VM or Physical machine that is not currently being used by NPM/Orion. To speak to the storage aspect of NTA 4.0, the amount of storage required will vary for each customer. The two primary factors to take into account are "Flows Per Second" and  "Retention". If you have between 1k and 3k flows per second and you are interested in retaining data for 2 weeks you will likely need 200+GB of storage. If you are storing upwards of 10k fps or greater you will want to invest in multiple TB of storage for your flows. This is the by far the biggest change with 4.0, the reason behind this increase in storage is due to the fact that we are now able to store detailed data for the entirety of the user defined retention period. In the future we will be evaluating adding the ability to define the retention period of flows per source to help you keep the storage manageable.I should mention here that if you plan on migrating old data, you should double your storage requirement to be on the safe side.


      In regards to data migration there are going to be 3 options for customers: (Always Back up your DB before upgrading)

      1. Do not Migrate historical data and clean up data in the Orion DB
      2. Do not Migrate historical data and leave the data in the Orion DB
      3. Migrate all historical NTA data from Orion DB to the new Flow Storage DB.


      When testing early version of NTA 4.0 we found that the website responsiveness was greatly improved. Additionally we have seen huge gains in the amount of flows that can be received simultaneously.

      Complete list of FAQ's about NTA 4.0 here


      Thank you for your interest! If you have questions or concerns please post here, ping me directly on thwack or shoot me an email. I followed up with everyone that has replied so far.