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    UDT load on MS Active Directory controllers


      We are planning on linking UDT to our MS Active Directory controllers.  However, the AD team has some strong reservations since they do not want for UDT polling to cause performance issues w/their controllers.  I cannot say I blame them since our AD controllers are supporting over 40,000 users (and their laptops)... and that is w/o counting the smartphones & tablets.  I reached out to SW tech support but they just send me a link to the UDT admin guide and knowledgebase.  I forwarded the docs to our AD team but they were not satisfied.  They want to have something in writing that gives them an idea of what type of CPU and memory load they should expect.  By the way, we asked the AD team to let us pilot this, but they are still pushing for us to provide load statistics before we move forward.


      So, I was wondering if any of you  has linked UDT to your AD controllers... especially if you too are working in a very large environment.  I would very much like to learn about your experience w/linking UDT and AD.

      Many thanks!!!