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    Include rule name in alert?


        Is there some way to get the Rule that matched listed in an e-mail alert that is sent from LEM?  I've got an alert that's sent me several thousand e-mails more than I'd care to read over the weekend but I'm having trouble narrowing down exactly which one. Thanks.

        • Re: Include rule name in alert?

          Here's one way to do it.


          1. Modify your email template to add a new variable. You can call it something like RuleName.

          2. Modify the rules in question to use the new email template variable.

              a. Expand 'Constants'

              b. Drag a text constant on to the rule name variable field.

              c. Type the name of the rule being edited in to this field.


          Now the rule name will be included in your emails.


          Hope that's clear enough and it helps!