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    Get more details in alerts?


      How can I get more details in the alert emails? I currently have the following:



      ${ApplicationName} on ${NodeName} is ${ComponentStatus}


      The ${ApplicationName} on ${NodeName} is ${ComponentStatus}


      Would like to see the actual details for example: when the physical memory on a device has gone into warning state, instead of sending an alert to say " The application (appmname.exe) on ServerX is Warning"; I would like it to say " the application (appname.exe) on ServerX is Warning with High Physical Memory usage" or display the actual memory usage data.


      what are the correct variables to use to get this data?



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          Well you can use ${name of parameter related to your node} such as given below... you can use any details related to your requirement... suppose you need ip address in aleret use ${IP_Address}. and you can use this by Node properties as well as interface Properties.


          Show List of Node Properties











































































































































          Show List of Interface Properties


















































































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              Thnx Bhavik,


              Tried a test with a few of these variables along with a few of the predefined ones listed in the "select variable" option.  the predefined ones work and return results but the ones manually entered didn't.  Do I need a SQL comment of sorts before calling the variables listed above?


              Predefined variables selected:

              Application Status: Up
              Component Status:
              Memory Used:
              Admin Status: Up
              Oper Status: Up
              Status: Up

              Variable manually entered:
              systemName: ${SysName}
              Status description: ${StatusDescription}
              ChildStatus: ${ChildStatus}
              Severity: ${Severity}
              Caption: ${Caption}