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    Roll up question


      Hi All


      I have a question regarding roll up in the all nodes view.  The scenario is I have say a Grouping of Linux servers that are in turn split into groups of DEV,DR and Production.  I want it so that if a server in the production group goes down then the top level Linux group goes red, but if a server in the DEV or DR grouping goes down then I only get a warning (yellow) icon at the top level linux group.


      Is there any way to do this?


      Thanks in advance



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          Perhaps if you included a screenshot (even if it had fake hostnames), it might be easier to envision the issue you're detailing here.  You know the saying... a picture is worth a 1,000 words...

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              Ok so I have several mockup images of how I'd like things to look but im not sure it will be possible as it may not be able to put the underlying logic in place.


              So if a DEV server goes down then this server will cause the DEV group to go into warning with flashing Red.  The Application group to show as being up but a flashing warning and the tower to show as up but a flashing warning - see below



              Now if a Production server goes down then this is different, I want all of the tree up to the top grouping to turn red


              Now if a DEV or DR Server are down at the same time as a Production server then I want the tree route to the Production server to be Down (Red) and the DR or DEV to be in warning - See below


              These are all mockup screen shots and I dont know if it will be possible but how there will be some way of doing it.  What I really want bottom line is to be able to weight the DEV DR And Production groupings differently


              Hope these screen shots help to annotate what I was meaning