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    SDK verbs (enhancement request)


      Since one can't create ideas for SDK enhancements here is my wish-list for SDK enhancements:


      orion.NPM.Interfaces  add: PollNow, Rediscover, AssignCustomPoller, AdminDown, AdminUp, UpdateTopology


      orion.Nodes add: PollNow, Rediscover, AssignCustomPoller, UpdateTopology


      orion.NCM.Nodes add: PollNow, Rediscover, BackupConfig


      orion.UDT.Nodes: AssignPoller, RemovePoller, PollNow, Rediscover, AddCommunity(*), DeleteCommunity(*)


      orion.UDT.Port: CRUD operations , AdminDown, AdminUp, DiscoverPortsOnNode, AddPortsOnNode


      (*)if you have MPLS/VRFS and Juniper then UDT-like activities require support multiple communities for polling the ARP/Bridge tables. The product doesn't do that today, but when it does I'd like the SDK to be there.