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    User notification options not being used for Escalating due to timeout


      We have come across a scenario that I am not sure if it is a bug, designed functionality, or a setup issue.  We have a notification group setup for our Database team.  When an alert is generated, it goes to the on-call engineer from the on-call calendar.  They first receive the email, and they then have a second notification option that after one minute, it sends an email to phone as an SMS message.  So far so good.  However, if the on-call engineer does not acknowledge in the defined 15 minute window, it will then escalate (using the group rules) to notify the entire group.  When it notifies the entire group, it does not use the per-user escalation rules and first send out an email, then one minute later send out the SMS message, it only sends out the email.  Our desired behavior would be for both the email and the SMS pager alert to be sent as per each user's notification preferences.


      Do we have something setup wrong, is it designed to behave this way, or is this a bug in the alert processing logic?