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    Hey, Listen! Alert Central Office Hours Chat Transcript from Friday, July 19

    nicole pauls

      Sorry about the delay, folks, but here's the transcript of office hours from July. I'll post September's here shortly.


      Highlights from this Office Hours include a discussion about technical support and helpful documentation. If you've got an opinion on the tech support issue or other features, be sure to fill out the Alert Central survey here - (Please!) Take our survey on Alert Central features - what's most important to you?


      I've marked Katie, myself, Chris, and Robert, as (AC ) so you can tell our answers and comments apart from questions.


      Katie (AC Team)Hello Everyone, thanks for coming to our AC office hours. We will begin shortly.
      Katie (AC Team)Our Alert Central PM Nicole Pauls is now online
      Katie (AC Team)Let the questions start
      Nicole (AC PM)we'll have Chris, one of the AC developers, on soon to help dig in to technical issues.
      CharlieIs there a way to change the NTP server to use our own for AC?
      Nicole (AC PM)you can set the virtual appliance itself to sync with your virtual appliance host system, then set your host system to sync with your own NTP source
      Nicole (AC PM)but exposing the server directly is a feature request - let me see if i can find it
      Charliethank you
      JoeI have online tech's scheduled but it is ignoring them and going to the if all else fails assignment
      Nicole (AC PM)http://thwack.solarwinds.com/ideas/2079
      CharlieI know that is an issue our Security team is seeing so it would be nice to be able to adjust that
      Nicole (AC PM)joe, are you the person that posted in the "are you using it in production" thread with that problem?
      Nicole (AC PM)was it working at one point and stopped, or is it a new setup and never worked?
      JoeI believe it was working at one point
      Nicole (AC PM)if you use a direct assignment instead of an on call calendar do things work okay - that is, is it just the on call calendar bit that seems to be getting ignored?
      Joethe recurring schedule for on call techs hasn't ever worked but I thought regular scheduling of techs worked.
      Nicole (AC PM)do the right people show up in the "on call now" view?
      JoeYes direct assignment works
      CharlieI voted on that link Nicole, so hopefully we see some movement
      Nicole (AC PM):/
      JoeOn call now shows who is on call and it shows the alert triggered but it won't make the assignment.
      JoeThen it times out and assigns to my last resort assignment
      Nicole (AC PM)if you look at the alert history, does it say anything about trying to assign to those users?
      Nicole (AC PM)and no mention of 'user not notified because they aren't validated' type stuff?
      JoeJust shows it going strait to the fail over user
      JoeWhen I put in to try 3 times before it fails then an alert hangs out there for a while like it failed because it couldn't assign anyone.
      Nicole (AC PM)ah - as if nobody's on call
      Nicole (AC PM)if you put in an explicit, not recurring, on call entry does it work?
      JoeI don't even bother with recurring because I know there is a known bug with that.
      StuartWhyteHi Nicole
      Nicole (AC PM)usually that kind of problem is related to users not being validated, but if they worked (and didn't change their email address or anything) and NONE of them work something seems fishy
      Nicole (AC PM)hey stuart, welcome to chat!
      StuartWhytewould it be better to get deeper docs. detailing the subscription/pairing process and communications?
      StuartWhyteas for example
      JoeThe users got a success validation message
      StuartWhytewe have a number of orion sources shown in alert central, however the alerts never arrive from the orion server
      StuartWhyteso communications are working in one direction, as AC believes the pairing to be succesful
      StuartWhytehowever the return "post" from the orion server on the alert event is failing
      Nicole (AC PM)ok, good. another possibility: is the alert maybe falling into a different policy with the same default step and not hitting the one with the calendars? if you manually assign an alert to that group (and let it use the policy) does it trigger the right steps?
      JoeI only have one policy
      Nicole (AC PM)well that makes it easy
      Ricki am also having a similar issues with alerts not showing up. I have 2 orion sources showing. One is a firewall issue that we are fixing.  the other doesn't have a subscription line for AC in the Orion DB
      Nicole (AC PM)for either of you, are you on the latest version of Alert Central - 1.0.1?
      StuartWhyte@Rick, is this the issue I was helping you troubleshoot?
      StuartWhyte@Nicole, Yes, latest version
      Rickyep.  Found out the issue with Prod was firewall.  The issue with the dev instance is that the AC entry isn't in the database.  I opened up a second question on the forum for that one
      Rickyes, i recently upgraded per an initial recommendation
      Nicole (AC PM)rick, is that dev orion instance also NPM 10.4+ or SAM 5.5+?
      Nicole (AC PM)<chris rapidly catches up>
      Chris J (AC Dev)
      Rickyes....NPM = 10.4.2.....SAM = 5.5.0
      Nicole (AC PM)and no firewall preventing the outbound from AC to Orion to initiate that connection?
      Charliewhat is the best way to get some help with our AC, would that be posting to the AC forum?
      Nicole (AC PM)yes! the AC thwack forum
      StuartWhyteNicole, I think my question may have got lost in history: would it be better to get deeper docs. detailing the subscription/pairing process and communications?
      Nicole (AC PM)we're still chewing on joe, stuart, and rick's questions
      Nicole (AC PM)stuart, what would help? a troubleshooting guide? what kind of detail would you like to see?
      Nicole (AC PM)we can put something together and put it up on thwack
      CharlieI know we are having Firewall rule issues right now so I don't want to bother everyone until I can validate that those issues are resolved.
      RickAC is
      JoeSame here
      StuartWhyteIm thinking a kinda process doc that describes how the pairing process and return traffic works
      JohnIncluding port numbers involved
      StuartWhytehow to identify/where to look for failures (ie, delivery failures in the subscriptions table)
      Rickper stuarts help I was able to determine that I can get from the dev server to the AC landing page.  Ironically this is how we found out we had a firewall issue from the prod server
      StuartWhyteIve also noted (randomly) that some instances post back to AC on https, and some on http
      StuartWhytewhat determines this effect?
      Rick:thumbs up:......I like that statement Stuart and John.  I am 3 weeks into a new job as a newly implemented monitoring position.......a troubleshooting guide would help ALOT
      Nicole (AC PM)that's a good question
      StuartWhyte(for ref, I manage 10 distinctly separate orion instances)
      Charlie@ Rick.. is that information available to determine server to landing page ability?
      StuartWhyteanother (mainly for info cause I'm geeky ) what would be the effect of manually changing the subscription entry after it was created? would it remain or be overwritten? ie is the subscriptions pairing process a one time event FROM AC to orion?
      Chris J (AC Dev)did you post your issue on thwack?
      Nicole (AC PM)it is - so if you change it on the orion side that's what'll be used
      Chris J (AC Dev)with screenshot of group policy?
      JoeNo but I can
      Nicole (AC PM)post it in its own thread, if you haven't already, and post back the link (or send it to chris or I)
      Chris J (AC Dev)that would be helpful and then it will pop back up to the top of my view as well
      Robert (AC Dev)You can safely deleted an Orion alert source in Alert Central, and manually remove the subscription from the Orion DB.
      StuartWhyte@ChrisJ (Once you have caught up) - did you manage to gain any insight into http://thwack.solarwinds.com/message/206388#206388
      Chris J (AC Dev)No, i was finishing some bug fixes and new features
      Chris J (AC Dev)i should have time next week.  really it comes down to picking the correct orion attribute
      Joe@Chris Would you rather see the group policy or the configured email alert source?
      Chris J (AC Dev)its on my radar
      Chris J (AC Dev)both to be safe
      Rick@charlie....i was told by stuart to go into the database and copy out the URL and try from a browser on the server.  Works great from dev....crapped out from prod. HOWEVER.....the subscription entry WAS IN prod....but NOT IN dev
      Chris J (AC Dev)i think so
      Chris J (AC Dev)i remove my sub. in AC all the time but im testing/deving so i have not looked at my Orion instance to see what its sub table looks like
      Chris J (AC Dev)i think the AC sub gets removed from orion
      JoeAny word on when the recurring schedule of on call techs bug will be fixed?
      CharlieThank you Rick.
      StuartWhyteah, Rick reminded me of another question - when manually posting to the subscription link from a browser, a credentials box is presented. Is this expecting the credentials of the AC account that was created?
      Nicole (AC PM)that's another good question
      Chris J (AC Dev)can you share the thwack post on that
      Ricki never did figure out what creds it wanted....
      JoeNever got any replies just posted it yesterday as a question.
      JoeIs there a reason email addresses have to be validated? Could that be optional so that there won't be such an issue with sms email.
      Nicole (AC PM)we are making some changes in our next release
      Nicole (AC PM)you'll be able to skip and/or manually validate
      Chris J (AC Dev)the recurring should be fixed in the next release
      CharlieIs there a way to send a test email through AC
      Nicole (AC PM)the email setup in the getting started sends and checks for a test email
      JoeWhen is that release slated for release?
      Nicole (AC PM)september
      Nicole (AC PM)early september
      Nicole (AC PM)about 6 weeks from now even
      StuartWhyteI certainly think the subscription/paring procedue needs to get some kind of validation of bi-directional ability before it will be added as a source, as if its in the list of sources, it is expected its working correctly, until an alert is missed
      Nicole (AC PM)maybe a couple more.
      Nicole (AC PM)we have had some people suggest being able to go back into orion source settings page and re-validate or test an orion connection
      StuartWhyteits not that side that is the issue, its the fact that the return posting FROM orion is failing
      Nicole (AC PM)beta for next release in august, so if you're interested in testing bugfixes/new features keep your eyes peeled
      Rickthat would be helpful for a situation like mine.  I didn't set any of this up.  However, I get to "make" it all work
      Nicole (AC PM)similar to email, it would be nice if the orion settings setup could trigger and consume a "test" message
      StuartWhyteyes, exactly.  I am confident that email will work, due to the end to end test that is completed during pairing for email
      Nicole (AC PM)we'll have to check with the orion folks on whether there's a way we could do that
      StuartWhyte(thinking out loud) I wonder if something similar to the test function in alert manager would work?
      StuartWhytealthough that may only be invoking the trigger action, rather than the alert.event
      Rickwhy is it that Orion support cannot help with integration issues with AC and Orion?  My thought would be that if my company has paid for Solarwinds support, I should be able to log a case for any solarwinds product from the corporate support page
      CharlieI tried that angle yesterday Rick... didn't work well
      StuartWhytesupport (nor presales for that matter) will enagage with ANY of the free tools
      Nicole (AC PM)good question, they'll only help if it's an issue on the orion side, so we have to rule out any issues on the AC side first. we've had some requests for being able to use support if you have other SW products but AC being free makes things a little more complicated for us.
      Ricki tried last week on my issue....didn't work out so well either. My thought is that IF the subscription line is missing from the Orion DB, then they should help troubleshoot
      StuartWhytethe "non-supported" nature of AC is something is is strongly restricting our ability to fully role out, as we'd become reliant on a single unsupported product for handling all our alerts
      RickEXACTLY Stuart........
      Nicole (AC PM)so what level of support would you need to feel confident? email? phone? 24x7? 8x5?
      visitorWas wondering if AC was also available as an executable, vs only a Hyper-V or VMWare image
      StuartWhyteinline with the (very expensive) maintance payments for our line of products
      Nicole (AC PM)just a virtual appliance, visitor
      RickIf I am having an issue with a product and I have paid the vendor for Corporate level support.  Then I feel that I can contact the vendor via ANY means possible and get support
      StuartWhyte10 x NPM instances, each with at least 2 other modules
      StuartWhyte3 of which are slx
      StuartWhyteit adds up
      Nicole (AC PM)would you be willing to explicitly pay for alert central support?
      CharlieI'll have to agree with Rick and Stuart on this support issue
      Chris J (AC Dev)im trying to not say anything about sw and our support of AC
      StuartWhytein my instance, yes
      RickI think that if you are paying for corporate support, it should be rolled in.  IF one IS NOT paying for corporate support...then use the free support forum
      StuartWhyteI think the option of support on free tools should be that - an option
      StuartWhytereferring an enterprise customer to a community forum is not great business
      Nicole (AC PM)so, rick, you're saying if you already have paid support on another SW product (e.g. Orion, LEM, etc) you'd expect to be able to call in on AC?
      Chris J (AC Dev)heh
      visitorI agree with Rick
      Nicole (AC PM)i.e. without paying for an additional support contract
      visitorIts hard to justify paying for support for a free product (For the Gov't anyway)
      StuartWhytethat would be lovely, however it doesn't fit with the current overall solarwinds support model
      visitornot impossible, just difficult
      StuartWhyte(as I have experienced anyway)
      Nicole (AC PM)that's correct
      Nicole (AC PM)but alert central doesn't fit the model in other ways, so we're thinking outside the box already
      Rickthe support question could be handled in a number of ways that are better.
      visitorPutting this "free" product out there without support, is baiting your customers. If you want it to be free, fine, but If I own and pay you for other products then support should be available
      Rickone would be to have a corporate level support package that includes ALL solar winds products that are installed
      Nicole (AC PM)so along those lines, do you think the office hours concept helps fill in some of the gaps with the forum support?
      StuartWhyteI agree that the support through thwack for AC is the best I have seen on thwack (ie SW staff do regularly answer) unlike in other product areas where post remain unanswered for days, sometimes weeks
      Nicole (AC PM)(PS: if anyone has a tech question, feel free to jump in and post it while we discuss)
      Rickthe other would be as stuart mentioned an "optional" support model where you pick and choose as a CLIENT decision what you want supported or not based upon cost
      Chris J (AC Dev)maybe i need to start a company that offers support for AC
      Nicole (AC PM)hahaha
      Chris J (AC Dev)1 million dollars!!! muuhaaa
      Charlieplease do ChrisJ
      StuartWhyteI have engaged with pre-sales on this very topic, for which I understand they may have reached out to you?
      Nicole (AC PM)well that's one way to think outside the box
      RickHOWEVER, as a corporate customer of solarwinds (albeit new to the company) being told that I cannot get support on a solarwinds branded installed product and that I need to post a question to a community forum and wait for a response is not very good customer service
      visitorhear hear
      Chris J (AC Dev)heh will lets just say i've been 'given' an opportunity to something like that
      Nicole (AC PM)actually a third party, similar to what Loop 1 does for other SW products, is an interesting idea
      Chris J (AC Dev)TRUE
      Nicole (AC PM)but i understand the frustration of not being able to contact SW directly
      StuartWhytewait until you have been told for the millionth time to "send in a diagnostic and we'll take a look"  THEN you'll understand frustration
      Nicole (AC PM)without paid support, is there anything else we could do on thwack or in general to improve the support experience or resolution?
      Rick@nicole....I agree that i have gotten some really good answers and guidance thru the community....and better than other forums. However, when I have been given a deadline as a new employee for a product that I didn't install or configure and find an issu
      visitorthere are alot of posts on Thwack, That  NEVER get answered by Anyone at SW, In fact, lately SW in Austin doesnt even answer support calls, they allow overseas to take them
      Nicole (AC PM)more docs, transparency, etc
      Nicole (AC PM)our support is very distributed, true. more of the senior support folks are US-based, though.
      StuartWhytecertainly more docs
      Rickdef. more docs
      StuartWhyteour business line is very similar to Loop1, but UK based
      Rickand troubleshooting guides
      Nicole (AC PM)any area in particular we should focus on first if it's docs and guides?
      Nicole (AC PM)i got the orion one down
      StuartWhytetroubleshooting steps
      Nicole (AC PM)docs, guides, videos
      StuartWhytehow to read the logs
      visitorI see, thanks
      StuartWhytelog parsers (if you have such a thing)
      Nicole (AC PM)more "self-help" so to speak
      Charliemore doc's related to common problems would be helpful
      StuartWhytewhen a customer logs a support call, they need answers quickly, and sometimes against an SLA
      StuartWhytewe cant be waiting on a thwack response
      Rickchris....you just posted a question to my issue with our dev box not having a subscription entry in the DB.  If you are asking if I can get to the AC subscription URL via the server web browser...then YES
      Chris J (AC Dev)maybe expand the FAQ
      StuartWhyteso some way of stepping through the issue would certainly help
      Chris J (AC Dev)with links to doc pages
      Nicole (AC PM)agreed on the FAQ/docs
      Nicole (AC PM)this is helpful, thanks everyone
      Nicole (AC PM)(still 30 minutes of chatting remaining!)
      StuartWhyteand (for the geeky ones amongst us) a deep dive on the background mechanics would be really interesting
      RickALSO.....I had to search the site yest. on an Orion question. An Export to ..... file format for reports would be WONDERFUL....instead of having to manually type &dataformat=csv for example
      CharlieCan there be a better explanation under the Wizard when we get errors?
      Chris J (AC Dev)orion needs the AC hostname for the subscription
      Nicole (AC PM)which part of the wizard? orion setup, email?
      CharlieSetup currently
      Chris J (AC Dev)so i just wanted to make sure that orion can resolve it
      Nicole (AC PM)which step, i guess - or all of them i know both email setup, and orion source setup have a test
      Rickhow do i do that chris?  we have two installs of Orion
      Rickon two different servers
      Chris J (AC Dev)so that should be working then - but your not seeing the AC instance in the Orion subscription table?
      Ricki see an entry on our prod database (however no alerts due to firewall issue
      JoeJust a quick note from earlier issue.  I have since re-booted my Alert Central and I am using the test feature in the Manage resources area and it says it passed everything and is sending the email but I never get an email.  Whereas that used to work I am sure of.  I am thinking this has something to do with email validation.
      Rickbut no entry on our dev box
      Chris J (AC Dev)and no fw issue between dev box and AC?
      StuartWhyteis the account in you accounts table?
      Ricknot yet....
      Chris J (AC Dev)and no dns lookup (hostname resolve) issues ?
      Ricknope no issues there
      Rickwhat account?
      Ricki will check the table now
      StuartWhytethe alert central account
      Ricki see an account titled acnotificationuser_
      Robert (AC Dev)That's the one that Orion uses to authenticate with AC
      StuartWhyteyeah, thats the one I mean
      StuartWhyteso the pairing process did actually take place
      Nicole (AC PM)part of it anyway
      Rickbut no entry under the subscription table
      Chris J (AC Dev)what about in AC the route to group settings for the orion dev box source?
      StuartWhyteperhaps someone deleted the subscription entry on dev before you got it?
      Chris J (AC Dev)you have it setup to route to a group
      visitorI havent had the opportunity to install AC because to test it we use old servers, however my old servers do not support virtualization. Was wondering if anyone has used AC with other Vendors Programs, like SCOM and or Service NOW Help desk
      Nicole (AC PM)during early testing, we had a lot of people tell us what kind of monitoring systems they use and it was a pretty diverse bunch. i'd say about 75% of people we talked to had some kind of orion, but the other 25% had no orion and many had some overlap with other products
      Nicole (AC PM)(if anyone has specific experience feel free to jump in)
      Rickyes.  by default assign the alert to alert test group
      StuartWhyteI need to duck out now, thank you for the chat all, have a great weekend
      Chris J (AC Dev)ok good, i figured but had to ask
      Nicole (AC PM)thanks stuart!
      Rickthe issue is that NO alerts show up for orion
      Rickthanks stuart
      visitorThats good to know, thank you just trying to load my guns so I can get MGT to agree to buy hardware so this product can be tested
      RickI have e-mail alerts (A TON of them) but no Orion alerts
      Chris J (AC Dev)but sounds like its the subscription table on orion for the dev box
      StuartWhyteplease feel free to reach out to me directly of pre-sales have not been in touch yet
      Robert (AC Dev)In Orion, are there active triggered alerts?
      Chris J (AC Dev)maybe delete the dev box source in AC and add again
      Chris J (AC Dev)you probably already tried that
      Rickyes.  I think that once our FW issues are resolved we will get prod alerts....but not dev
      Rickyes....plenty of triggered alerts......triggered them myself
      Ricki have a test box that I reboot on a regular basis which triggers an alert.......
      Robert (AC Dev)in the subscriptions table in Orion, you can see how many failed attempts there were for sending alerts to AC
      Rickthere is no entry in the subscription table therefore no failed ntrys
      Robert (AC Dev)ya, you won't get alerts to AC from orion unless there is a subscription
      Robert (AC Dev)you might try deleting and adding the Orion alert source again, and then look at the logs on AC
      Ricki will try that
      Robert (AC Dev)There should be some log lines that detail more of what is going on when the subscription is added.
      Rickany idea on what and where to find the log?
      Robert (AC Dev)it is available from the solarwinds tab on the management web site for the appliance
      Chris J (AC Dev)There is a Doc on how to collect the logs
      Chris J (AC Dev)and i think nicole added it somewhere else as well, the faq maybe
      Rickthen how does one review the logs?
      Robert (AC Dev)you want to look in the oncall.log file
      Robert (AC Dev)you can download them as an archive and open them up on your own computer
      Nicole (AC PM)http://thwack.solarwinds.com/docs/DOC-170898#If_I_need_help_or_think_I_found_a_bug_what_should_I_include_in_my_post_How_do_I_download_logs
      Nicole (AC PM)direct doc from chris: http://thwack.solarwinds.com/docs/DOC-170983
      Chris J (AC Dev)thx nicole
      Nicole (AC PM)on downloading logs
      Katie (AC Team)any other questions in our last 10 minutes?
      CindySmithI came in late -- this may have been covered
      Nicole (AC PM)doesn't matter, ask away!
      CindySmithis there eta on the Android . vtext issue
      CindySmithalso I am  using connectivity to NPM
      CindySmithwe send  certain SLA pages out
      CindySmithIn the past we got pages for Down and UP
      CindySmithnow they come across down and UNKNOWN
      CindySmithhow do we get to UP
      Nicole (AC PM)android issue - this one? http://thwack.solarwinds.com/thread/57350
      Nicole (AC PM)ah yes, i see, you posted in that one
      Nicole (AC PM)we're looking into what we can do for the android issue with our next release (sept)
      CindySmithYEs on teh thread
      CindySmithalso --  we get a LOT of device unknowns
      Nicole (AC PM)does the orion side show UP or unknown?
      Nicole (AC PM)it sounds like it could be an orion issue, so you could call in and bug them on it
      Nicole (AC PM)hmm
      CindySmithalso we get DEVICE unknown but the name will be in the body of the alert when veiewd from the webpage
      Nicole (AC PM)from the AC webpage?
      CindySmithit will even be in the HTML verison of the email
      CindySmithbut NOT in the subject line
      CindySmithmight not soudn like a big deal -- but we have over 2000 nodes
      Nicole (AC PM)yeah, i can imagine.
      Nicole (AC PM)have you posted this issue to thwack?
      CindySmithit is the difference between rolling over and looking and pager an dgetting out of bed to VPN in @ 3am
      CindySmithhave not have time to yet
      CindySmithI have tried customizine NPM subjet lines
      CindySmithjsut not sure what maps
      CindySmithand what does not from a variable perspecive
      CindySmithI have even tried getting the Ping respond time in the subject line as a work arund for the unknonw status
      Nicole (AC PM)ah, yes
      Chris J (AC Dev)might be another orion attribute issue nodename vs node.sysname
      Chris J (AC Dev)do not for rick
      Nicole (AC PM)it sounds like an orion fields issue, which we've seen come up before - are you on NPM 10.5?
      Chris J (AC Dev)for cindy's orion thing
      CindySmithyes in 10.5
      CindySmithis there a list of the varibles the Alert Central will recognie for the subject line
      Chris J (AC Dev)http://thwack.solarwinds.com/message/204675#204675
      Chris J (AC Dev)it not AC
      Chris J (AC Dev)its what orion uses
      Chris J (AC Dev)or sets for the attribute values
      Chris J (AC Dev)from what i gather it can depend on the source/type of orion event
      CindySmithin the alert shared tab from ${NodeName}  to ${Node.SysName}?
      Chris J (AC Dev)but i'm not orion expert
      CindySmithso it should be Node.SysName ?
      Nicole (AC PM)yeah, try that
      Nicole (AC PM)well - for the device name anyway
      CindySmithshoudl they all be prefixed by NODE.
      CindySmithmore or less
      CindySmithI was using the builder and they do not build that way
      Nicole (AC PM)it seems like some of them moved around in 10.5 or the way they are exposed to AC has changed. let me ask the orion team and if you can post your issue on thwack i can post back
      CindySmithlogging in to server on another cmputer
      CindySmithin order to work arund that UNKNOWN Status
      CindySmithI was using ResponseTime
      Chris J (AC Dev)you can few the orion fields sent to AC in the alert detail page in AC
      CindySmithshould it be Node.Response.Time
      Chris J (AC Dev)and select the Original Orion Alert
      Chris J (AC Dev)i just looked at mine and the NodeName fields has no value for one of my orion alers
      Chris J (AC Dev)alerts
      CindySmithPreciate it much
      Chris J (AC Dev)but then another type of alert did have NodeName filled in - maybe its my orion setup as well
      Nicole (AC PM)maybe nodes that were added before 10.5 vs. after
      Nicole (AC PM)last call for questions!
      CindySmithwe have had our sice around 2006
      Nicole (AC PM)we'll follow up on a few issues on thwack
      Nicole (AC PM)thanks everyone for coming to office hours - next office hours is friday, september 13
      Chris J (AC Dev)yep, thx
      Chris J (AC Dev)always good to connect with customers of AC
      Nicole (AC PM)and watch for our beta, coming in the next few weeks (hopefully)
      Chris J (AC Dev)here or thwack forums
      Katie (AC Team)Alright, thanks everyone for coming. We will see you next time. We will be posting the full log of this chat soon.