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    Have you worked with on call calendars? Got lost, confused, or wish for a feature?

    nicole pauls

      Hey everybody,


      We're looking to gather opinions about your experience with On Call calendar scheduling. We want to make it better. (Rejoice!)


      When you were setting up your on call calendaring:

      • Did you get stuck or confused?
      • Did you think things were broken even though we told we're sure you they weren't?
      • Did anything make you frown or say "well, that's silly" (or other words) even if you figured it out?
      • Did you want to set something up and give up figuring it out or conclude Alert Central just can't schedule that way?
      • Did you wish for an automagic or easier way to set up calendars for your groups?
      • Did you get it set up but have to compromise on how it's configured versus how you WANT it to be configured?


      If any of these sound like you, you ARE the folks we're looking for!


      We're most interested in talking with you for 30-45 minutes on the phone as early as next week, so if that sounds like something you can do, drop a post here and let me know and I'll contact you.


      If you can't chat on the phone, but can answer questions via e-mail, let me know that, too.


      Lastly, if you're comfortable chatting about your environment here on Thwack, feel free to have at On Call calendaring.

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          Hi Nicole.


          I've got a couple OnCall Cal questions...


          Our OnCall hours are 5pm - 7am weekdays, all day weekends and holidays. Alerts are sent to the OnCall person during those times, otherwise they go to the entire group. I don't see how I could do that in the AC OnCall Calendar. Any suggestions?


          Also, we have one notification device (pager and/or cell phone) the OnCall person carries. (Our customers are given that phone number to call off-hours). Short of updating the 'additional notification' entry for each user when they begin their oncall shift, do you have any other ideas how we could manage this?


          thanks.. john

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            I have some time and would be happy to give input on the product.  Let me know what time works for you.

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              I'd be willing to talk if you're still interested.  We have a slightly different use for the alerts.  We have a number of email alerts and we have a staffed NOC.  We want to consolidate the emails into AC but if we don't have a calendar setup, none of the escalations make any sense.


              Let me know if you're still interested in talking.

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                I would be interested in discussing this. I have some questions about the functionality and a feature request as well.

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                  Configuring Alert Central For our NOC to know the On-Call Staff for Enterprise and Clinical IT systems and we have hit a snag. The On-Call Calandar needs the ability to pull from our university medical staff paging system calendar. We have a paging system in place for paging Dr's / Nurses / It staff / Maint. Staff. we need a way to pull in that calendar into Alert Central so managers/directors only have to modify one calendar site.  in our case our on-call paging system is AMCOM-WebXchange.  if we could import the IS staff from Amcom-Webxchange schedule into Alert Central it would give fix the multiple management points, and allow us to utilize the alert central alert distribution and escalation that we need.


                  the only feature i can say now that we need, is when sending to a group and it makes it all the way through we may need the ability to at that point send to a second (different) group.. wish in the escalation proceedures we could add if no ACK assign to new group? that would be a awesome piece.  So in the event of a outage and none of the one team ever gets it we can push the alert back to the NOC or suplemental support staff in other groups.


                  1. yes. the re-occuring dosn't seem to work well its not intuitive or its just not publishing to the calendar in a manner inducive to letting the person putting in the schedule knows its working right.

                  2. not sure, the product appears to work correctly, just a pain to work with the on-call calander with-out the ability to import outside calendars.

                  3. yes, all day for an on call person is not neccessarly 12:00am to 12:00pm the all day setting in a 24hour shift change enviorment for on call is typically useless. we have 12:00hr, 10:00hr, 8:00hr staff, none are all day. say from 12:00am to 8:00am its the oncall staffer, from 8:00 to 5:00 its the day work staff, then from 5:00pm to next 8:00am its the on call staffer again. only all days are weekends and holidays.

                  4. yes our NOC shifts so alerts go to the staff on shift at that time. the re-occuring issue we all tried to configure and it still only configures 1 freaking day or shift. never populates the rest of the calendar.

                  5. yes import from other sources..

                  6. got it configured but if we can't link it to our pager system On-call AMCom system we may have to go back to just Solar Winds advanced alerting as the Alert Central becomes a useless reasource user.


                  John Martin - On shift today. and next Monday and Tuesday. 6:00am to 5:00pm


                  if we can make this work, our it staff managers like the product but the inablility to have one on-call management point may make it not of any use to us. Which is bad really, cause the notification to the right group and escalation system are really needed here.

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                    Rodolfo Manrique

                    Hi Nicole,

                    I'm with jmmartin on points 1, 2, 4. Recurring is definitely not working.


                    Here are some more I would like to see....


                    1. Apart of notifying a specific groups, we would like to notify our NOC shift managers on certain alerts, so when I create a rule I would like be able to assign the alert to more than one group. An example is our Core network devices; if these have a problem, apart of our network support group, we need to notify, NOC shift managers, and an emergency list with individuals that need to be aware of situations like this.
                    2. If I delete a group with a calendar previously added, the assigned calendar is not deleted and stays somewhere but I cannot do anything else with it. Either the calendar should be remove, or I should be able to link it to another group or the same if it is recreated.
                    3. When alerts are no longer active, they should be closed automatically.
                    4. I would like to have a link in the email alert, not only to the alert itself in alert central, but to the object in my Orion server. At this time, recipients get the email, they click on the link, they login to alert central, then click on the object link in the alert to open the Orion console. They should be able to open the reporting object right from the email. They don't event need to login to alert central.
                    5. I'm configuring the Alert Subject with the necessary variables in the advance alert manager to have some meaningful/useful information about the alert in the emails. But will be nice if you include ALL the Orion Alert Properties in the email body.


                    If you can do another group web meeting as last week, will be greatly appreciated. I missed that one.


                    Rodolfo Manrique

                    Miami-Dade County, FL