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    SonicWall Flow Reporting to NTA


      We are exploring the use of SonicWall within our corporation.   I noticed on Sonicwall latest software release 5.8 that they are able to export Netflow v5, v9, and IPFix. 


      Has anyone out there implemented these features?  Are there any tricks to it?  Does NTA read the data properly from the SonicWall?  


      Any information is appreciated.

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          I've personally enabled and configured NetFlow to work with NTA on roughly 100 or more SonicWALL devices in my time. NTA really has no issues with the flows exported from SonicWALL devices that I'm aware of, or have personally experienced. There aren't really any "tricks" to it. The configuration is fairly simple to do through the SonicWALL web interface and should take no longer than 5min from start to end, provided the SonicWALL is already an SNMP managed device in NPM, and all "up" interfaces on the device are already being monitored.