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    Alert Central Configuration corrupt




      Hi all


      I found the Alert Central was not performing after serveal force reboot in VMware

      The AD authorize function was not working, and I found that there is error during boot up screen as attached

      The configuration file is corrupt, I have no clue how to fix that


      This morning, I found 50,000+ email generate by the alert central regarding fail to sent out email (or receive email)

      I have no choice but to shut it down


      I guess the best solution for now is to export the A.C. database and reinstall a new one

      Any one has idea how to do that?


      Thanks and Best Regards


        • Re: Alert Central Configuration corrupt

          Hi Jason.


          To backup a database you should to do next:

          1. Go to appliance(https://ip:5480)

          2. Login as admin, password - admin

          3. Go to "SolarWinds Mgmt" tab

          4. Press "Backup" button and download it. 

          5. Install new AC.

          6. Go to appliance(https://ip:5480), "SolarWinds Mgmt" tab.

          7. Choose backup file and press "Restore".

          8. After backup is restored, reboot AC(go to "System" tab, press "Reboot").


          Please let me know in any questions.


          Best regards, Nazar.