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    Delaying notifications and suppressing them for acknowledged alarms

    Dr Zoidberg

      Hi there.

      We may be moving one of our managed service customers from a different platform onto Solarwinds, but they are quite particular about how they want alarms and notifications to behave and I want to check that I can do everything I need.

      I'm trying to get the following sequence of events....


      A device stops responding to polls for a certain number of minutes (or sends a significant SNMP trap) so we generate a visible and audible alarm in the web interface, but we don't want to send any notifications until a further set period has passed.
      If the alarm is acknowledged in the web interface by an operator, we should then suppress notification emails/SMSs as there's no point telling people who are aware of the problem.

      Likewise, if the condition then clears itself - it starts responding to polls again - before our second time period has expired we shouldn't send any notifications at all.

      We can do this with CA Spectrum and a third party add-on called Attention which will also take a feed from Solarwinds if needed, but ideally I'd like to be able to do it all on the single server to minimise the number of things that can go wrong.

      Any thoughts or comments?