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    e-mail notification


      We are using version 11.2.1 x64


      Several months ago, we replaced one of our techs with another person.  The old tech still remains as a user in the system.  However, every time a ticket is created, they still receive an e-mail notification.  I've scoured the setup and cannot find any references to him in tech, tech groups, etc. Does anyone have any ideas on how to remove him or any experience with this?  My next thought was to dive (SQL 2008) into the database but I'm not sure where to look.





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          Is it possible that there is an action rule that includes a step where this user should be getting an email?

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            The same thing happened where I work.  Eventually I opened up the Alerts (basic and advanced) and looked at all the actions assigned to each one.  I found the list of users receiving the alerts and adjusted it.


            Still more notifications were going to employees who were left.


            I found more rules with triggers and actions in the syslog section.


            Once I cleaned those up, all was better.  Hopefully you'll find the users to remove in those Basic and Advanced sections, but you'll need to open every alert and inspect each Action.


            Don't forget Kiwi can have alerting rules in it, too--if you have Kiwi.


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